Stem Type Thermostats & Thermal Cutouts  For Electric Water Heaters, Oil Baths, Ovens Etc.

‘GIRISHEGO’ Range of stem type thermostats are designed to meet a variety of requirements for domestic, industrial and commercial heating systems. Our thermostats come in different shapes and models to suit the individual requirement of application and economy. These are suitable for instant and storage type water heaters, water and oil baths, moulds, sterilizers, ovens, boilers, switchgear and panel boards and other domestic and industrial heating appliances.
PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION: With temp rise, the principle of differential expansion of brass tube and a nickel / iron (inver) Rod is used to actuate a highly accurate snap action micro gap switch located in the head which makes it keep the temperature of liquid or solid, constant within the differential I.e. A Single pole, single throw, normally closed circuit breaks (opens) on rise of temperature.

CONSTRUCTION: The micro gap switch assembly is mounted on a heat resistant base, with brass terminals. Heavy duty Ag cdo contacts are provided for long trouble free life. A thermoplastic/thermosetting cover with clear and precise graduations is provided along with a setting knob. A spring steel clip is provided for snap on fixing of Thermostat. lt can be fixed in any position. Thermostats are available in three standard stem lengths 7" (175mm), 11" (275 mm), 18" (450mm) with tube diameter of 5/16" (8mm).


1) Smaller stem lengths of 4” (115 mm) & 5" (125mm)
2) Normally Open Contacts. (N.O.C.)
3) Preset at fixed temperature
4) Higher insulation resistance and H.V. for switchgear and panel boards
5) 20 Amp Thermostat.

    Designed by: SME Consulting Services